I loved Gwen’s Life Fulfillment Mastery Intensive! I had kind of been in a rut with my eating and exercise so going in I really wanted to get back on track.  By the end of LFM, I was going to yoga and making better choices around food. Gwen made it really easy to take small steps each week so that by the end of the program I was feel lighter, more energized, and happier. I now have tools that I will return to for guidance for years to come. - Ava Adinolfi, Life Coach, NY

Within 8 weeks of The Life Fulfillment Mastery Intensive, I did my first (and second) juice cleanse (that I was afraid of doing beforehand), met my boyfriend, moved in with him, AND quit my side gig that was keeping me from fully committing to my business, book, and projects! I think I did this work at the right time, and Gwen helped me to really get in line with more of what I wanted. All of that can't be a coincidence! – Millana Snow, Co-Founder of Serene Social, Los Angeles, CA

The most valuable part of the Life Fulfillment Mastery Intensive was the wealth of information Gwen provided! From awesome recipes, to information about supplements, to the tools to implement in my life to find more ease & balance — it was all FANTASTIC! If you're ready for a total life detox (this program goes WAY beyond just the nutritional aspects), the Life Fulfillment Mastery Intensive is the only program that will do. The impact of The Life Fulfillment Mastery Intensive on my life was actually pretty surprising and unexpected for me. Going into the program, I expected to come out of it feeling lighter and more comfortable in my body. Those things did happen, but I also had a huge discovery in one of our accountability check-ins at the beginning of class where I realized that I had been taking on WAY too many things, and that my packed schedule was getting in the way of me getting more in touch with my core desired feelings and reaching the SMART goal I had set for myself at the beginning of class. This revelation was absolutely HUGE for me, since I've always been a proud "doer" and I realize now that what I really want and need to focus on is just BEING instead of DOING. I LOVED all the recipes — I know that there are so many that can be found on websites like Pinterest or Food Gawker, but to get them straight from you was AMAZING! Your smoothie recipe is now my go-to! The Life Fulfillment Mastery Intensive was a great investment, and I'm so glad I did it! Thank you, Gwen! You're such an inspiration! - Emily Cassel, Podcast Host, PA


The Life Fulfillment Mastery Intensive was so much fun!  I truly enjoyed every Sunday with this incredible group of women.  Gwen is so amazing! I enjoyed all the experts she had join us, especially the tapping expert. I learned so much about myself. I have noticed such a difference in how I feel from the vitamins Gwen suggested.  Every morning I have a glass of hot water and lemon instead of a cup of coffee.  I am still working on getting off processed sugar and I am doing much better with that challenge.  I am so grateful for this experience.  I will be telling my friends and family to take her next course. - Shannon G, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Gwen has created and leads such a great program, rich with information and prompts, that really helped me take time for reflection and detoxifying in my life. Your wealth of information on nutrition and exercise reminded me of how important it is to consciously take care of my body. Your support and encouragement helped me focus  on cleanses and fasts and supplements with a fresh perspective. Even though I’ve effectively resisted taking up running ;-) I am thrilled to have a new affinity for evening walks with my daughter and Yin Yoga at the studio. Cleaning up the simple stressors in my life seems like a small thing, but it had remarkable impact in a short amount of time. I really appreciate your “toolbox” and tips on how to better organize my “to do” list so that it relieves stress instead of adding to it. Detoxifying unnecessary roadblocks in my life has given me emotional freedom and awareness that I didn’t even realize I needed. I feel a new sense of composure and confidence. While it was very challenging to get deeply introspective, I learned so much about human needs and my personal perspectives on what makes me authentic. What I’m working on now is establishing my priorities based on my values and then using my time wisely to develop what’s most important in my life. Your program resonates with the philosophies I’ve helped some of my clients with over the years, but committing to this weekly time for me helped me get back in balance and back on track in so many ways.

Everyone would benefit from taking an hour once a week to invest in themselves with your program. I’m assured that I have a useful notebook of tools to refer back to on a regular basis when life feels like a struggle. Thank you for your gentle encouragement and sweet accountability. - Susan Waldenstrom, Certified Massage Therapist, Life Coach & Wellness Coach, Minneapolis, MN





I really loved learning more about reiki with Gwen! It was a great learning experience that I will never forget and it was the foundation to my journey in discovering more about holistic healing.  - Jenny Lee Molina, Chief Creative Officer, JLPR, Miami, FL


I decided to learn Reiki to be able to help people when they feel powerless, empty and when they experience pain - emotionally and physically. Gwen offered Reiki I and Reiki II on a weekend in Hollywood, Florida. It was an unbelievable experience! She is a great teacher and has a very powerful energy. I am very sensitive, so I could "feel her" very intensely. Both days were very interesting and mind opening- never boring. She let us practice with each other to get the feeling for Reiki. Since that day in June 2013, I am practicing Reiki for myself and with my clients in my private Gym. It is effective — if you believe in it or not. And that is the great part! I feel energized and healthy with reiki. I would strongly recommend her reiki Classes. I am hoping she is coming back for Reiki III. - Conny Gyura, Fit & Fight Gym, WNN Radio Host


Not having much experience with Reiki, I was nervous to receive my Level I certification. Gwen's soft & serene demeanor helped me feel right at home and gave me the permission I needed to experience the training in my own way and at my own pace. It was an intimate group and I loved the informality of it. I felt like I was just hanging out with my girlfriends! Since working with Gwen and becoming certified in reiki, I have completely changed the way I relate to my body and life. Before training, I was frazzled and often overwhelmed. Now, my life has taken on a calm confidence; when I am overwhelmed or feeling all over the place, I turn to reiki as a way to ground myself and clear out any negative energy. During our day together it was clear how genuinely Gwen believed in the power of energy healing. Her calm and confident demeanor inspired me to make reiki a daily practice. It has truly changed my experience of life. I would recommend Gwen to anyone looking to cultivate feminine flow in their life; she has an air about her that just puts you at peace. I look forward to working with her more in the future. - Alicia Panetta, Transformational Health Coach, CT


Taking Reiki 1 with Gwen was such an informative and uplifting experience.  She expertly guided us to understand the mysteries of reiki and how to use this beautiful healing modality on ourselves and others. I love how clearly she communicates as well as the fun and lightness she brings to her students! I can't wait to now get certified with Gwen in Reiki II!  - Jennifer Grace, Hay House Author and Radio Show Host 


After Reiki I, my well-being has increased to the extent that I have a lot more energy. Practicing Reiki replenishes me! My cat is also a big fan and reacts so well to little treatments. I was very grateful Gwen taught me Dr. Usui's original form of reiki, a very free style that is based on clear intuition rather than many cumbersome details to remember. I felt a huge surge of energy when she performed the initiation. When I practiced, the energy was right there and went to work! Since the initiation, I have given several massages to clients new and old. Each time I included Reiki towards the end, the client reported sensing the warmth in my hands, feeling at ease and deeply peaceful. It is highly effective yet non-invasive. A fantastic healing modality I look forward to learning lots more about! - U.E., Miami, FL

I was led to Reiki to gain a more clear understanding of my own energy and gain greater focus in my life. Also, in my work, I am physically touching people all day long and in their energy fields (and they are in mine!) so I wanted to learn more about our energies overall.  After taking the class and becoming attuned to Reiki energy, I feel much more clear, focused, and vibrant, and feel a higher sensitivity to all things. Thank you Gwen for a wonderful class! I am so grateful to have had this experience and carry it on. Everything you have to offer and teach has been moving! - Nikki D., Hair Stylist, New York, NY


A few things I loved about reiki class was connecting with beautiful people, practicing on each other, and I LOVED the attunement! I felt a vast expansion, lightness, floating, and magnetism in my body- in my upper chakras especially.  It was a very peaceful experience, and I learned so much! Gwen is the most soulful, gentle, compassionate leader and teacher who takes a very esoteric subject and makes it palatable and relatable to all. It was the perfect amount of information, study, and practice. I love learning from her and cannot wait for the next training! - Julie, New York, NY