Soul love


What if…

You had all the love in the world at your fingertips. You felt full, complete, and exuberantly happy. You had so much love inside of yourself that it radiated outward consistently and it showed. You glowed. You felt worthy and overflowing with light.

This is what Soul Love does.

Not only that, but because you learn how to feel so good regularly, and know how to shift back into your Love Space and your Love Flow, you attract all kinds of people, experiences, and adventures that reflect this new way of being.

It’s who you are being that matters most.

The powerful keys to lasting, real, abundant love are here… this is the real deal.

If you are wanting more love, a new lover, a better relationship, to feel worthy, to feel whole, to feel happiness more consistently, than this is the course for you.

Soul Love is a 4 week online course that will change your life. I promise.


Each week you will receive a video and a workbook to listen to and work on in your own time.


  • You will Discover where you are in your Love Life and get Clarity on where you want to be.

  • You will receive powerful tools to help you Shift into who you need to be to Align with the Love you want.

  • You will learn about your “Love Space”.

  • You will get your weekly Love Mantra & Love Work


  • You will identify your old beliefs, “Love Stories” and “Love Energies” that have been blocking you and holding you back from receiving all the love that is waiting for you!

  • You will Let Go of your old Love Stories and Love Energies once and for all to make room for NEW LOVE!

  • You will learn the essential first -and very important- step to be in your “Love Flow”

  • You will finally see clearly what has been in your way and powerfully declare your new Love Story!

  • You will get your weekly Love Mantra & Love Work


  • You will learn all about Self Love & Self Care & what YOU specifically need to be in your Love Flow

  • You will learn your Love Style - how you give and receive love

  • You will learn about openness, trust, vulnerability, and honoring yourself

  • You will learn all about commitment & make one to yourself

  • You will get fully in your “Love Flow”

  • You will get your weekly Love Mantra & Love Work


  • You will learn all about Masculine & Feminine Energies, and which one you most express (you might be surprised!)

  • You will learn how to align with your most favorable energy type so you can feel aligned with who you really are and feel fully expressed in your truth.

  • You will get clear on what kind of energetic relationship you would feel best in

  • You will learn how you have been blocking magnetizing your mate, and how you can effectively attract what you desire!

  • You will learn how to create more attraction in your intimate relationship - current or future

  • You will get your weekly Love Mantra & Love Work

  • You will create your Love Manifesto to draw in the perfect relationship for you!

Now…you might feel you know some of these things… or even all of these things. However, getting crystal clear and putting them into practice is totally different than just ‘knowing’ something!

This course will give you the guidance, space, and accountability to actually DO the work to grow and transform in love!

AND…You also get a huge BONUS - A private 1:1 VIP Personal Coaching call with me for accountability and to help guide you further in your personal transformational journey! (P.S. This call is worth $500!)

Sign up now for a 20 minute call with Gwen to learn more and see if it’s right for you!

True Love is waiting for you!