Gwen Gaydos is a phenomenal reiki practitioner. Being a dentist and the owner of my own practice brings a lot of stress into my life, which, in turn, has caused many physical ailments. For a long time, I have searched for peace, balance, and healing in my life through various outlets such as yoga, exercise, massage, and physicians. Unfortunately, none of these avenues provided me with the peace, balance and healing for which I was searching. Then, I discovered reiki through Gwen. It is an incredible experience, which has brought unlimited peace, serenity, balance, and an overall feeling of well-being into my life. She truly has healing hands. Gwen has such a positive, calming energy, which she passes along to all of her clients. I would highly recommend experiencing reiki with Gwen. It can honestly change your life. - Dr. Nicole B., DDS, Miami Beach, FL

I had my first reiki session with Gwen, and it was really incredible. I felt so peaceful and relaxed afterwards. Gwen has such a beautiful energy and is an excellent reiki practitioner. She gave me a very powerful treatment… I felt the energy flowing throughout my whole body! I highly recommend her to a anyone seeking to have a great reiki experience. - Pamela Jones, Photographer, Nice, France

I had my first reiki session with Gwen recently and I highly recommend everyone try it. It was very eye-opening. Gwen has such a gentle caring aura that you cannot help becoming incredibly relaxed in her hands. Her energy is so very positive it is contagious. She takes her time and is extremely thorough and communicative. You owe it to yourself to visit with Gwen. Looking forward to her next visit already. - Craig R, Real Estate Agent, Jupiter, FL

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Gwen is the most beautiful, gentle, and soulful healer that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her reiki sessions are divinely transformative and provide a sense of relaxation, renewal and calm. Being in her presence immediately puts me at ease and as soon as our sessions begin I drift off into a conscious but peaceful place that allows my mind, my body and my spirit to reset and realign. I'm left with a feeling of lightness and mobility that I've come to rely on as a way to navigate through the busy and sometimes chaotic waters of life as an entrepreneur in a busy city. I wholeheartedly recommend that you invite Gwen into your life and make her an integral part of your self-care regimen. She truly is a magic maker. - Julie W, Activist, New York, NY

“I have had the unique pleasure of experiencing two DISTANCE HEALING  sessions with Gwen, both leaving me feeling lighter, healthier and refreshed. Before the session I communicated to Gwen my intentions for the session, along with physical and emotional issues I wanted to focus on. I felt this was healing alone, but Gwen’s applied skills of chakra balancing, reiki and visualizations made a far more powerful impact. Afterward, Gwen’s detailed follow-up report and observations were interesting and enlightening when compared with what I experienced simultaneously…I was amazed at our synchronicity! In a perfect world where schedules and life would allow, I would recommend a distance healing session with Gwen once a month to stay cleansed and light. The feelings of being unburdened and of utter relaxation after Gwen’s distance healing sessions is incredible! - Grace D, Entrepreneur, Mother & Animal Lover, Stuart, FL

I had an enlightening reiki session with Gwen, and I would highly recommend her to anyone. I could feel her energy even after the session was over, and I can attribute an improvement in my health and well being to this session. Gwen is gifted in many ways, and I would suggest if you are looking for someone to offer you gentle, caring, and enlightening healing methods, she is the woman for you. Thanks for all that you do for me Gwen. - Sharon L, Real Estate Agent, Toronto, Canada

Reiki with Gwen is like nothing else you will experience. She is able to cultivate the exact sense of energy you need at the time - whether that be calming, grounding or energizing. I was lucky enough to have a session with her shortly after a long day of flying, and I immediately felt grounded and present for the rest of the holiday to come. I highly recommend Gwen. - Ashley Weber, HBSc, ND,


I met Gwen at an amazing health retreat in Costa Rica. I wasn't sure what to expect from my Reiki session with her as I had not participated in one before. I found it be an enlightening, peaceful and positive experience.  I came away feeling calm and refreshed with an overwhelming sense of peace. Gwen is an amazingly caring individual, and I would highly recommend a Reiki session with her. - Jennifer, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada