What is REIKI?

Reiki is an ancient Tibetan healing art only recently introduced to the U.S. When a practitioner gives Reiki, they serve as a channel, transmitting the Universal Life Energy (Qi or Chi) directly to the client. This is administered by a light touch, or no touch at all. Reiki helps balance one’s electrical and energetic systems, as well as one’s chakras. Reiki helps to remove any emotional or physical blockages or pain. Thus, proper flow and balance is restored, making the body more capable of effectively healing itself. Simply put, if one’s life energy is low or cannot flow freely, stress and sickness are more prevalent. However, if life energy is high and freely flowing, health and happiness are more prevalent. A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki is commonly used for stress reduction, depression, anxiety, relaxation, physical injuries, pain, sickness, emotional issues, and increased energy and clarity.

Reiki & Vibrational Healing

Enjoy 60 minutes of pure bliss with a Reiki, Crystal, Sound, & Essential Oil Healing bookended with 10 minutes of Spiritual Counsel, if desired. Essential Oils are a beautiful way to relax and rejuvenate naturally, with 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. These Essential Oils also help to support the release and healing of your emotions, and are incredibly powerful for this when placed upon corresponding Chakras and/or acupuncture meridians. A relaxing, refreshing, centering experience. DISTANCE SESSIONS AVAILABLE.

Packages available. Email Gwen directly for more information & to book your first session.


Distance Reiki

Reiki and energy healing through time and space. This very powerful  healing is commonly called “Distance Healing” but is also referred to as “absentee” or “remote” healing. Performed for someone who is not physically present, this type of healing focuses more deeply on emotional and mental levels.  However, it works on the physical body as well, just as traditional hands-on Reiki. With distance healing, there are many different techniques.  I use Reiki healing, visualization, intuition and Chakra balancing in every session and incorporate other healing techniques as necessary including Angel cards or Tarot cards. During the session, the client will simply relax at home. The session itself is a beautiful, relaxing, cleansing, and healing experience. Preceding the session, you will receive detailed guidelines on how to prepare yourself and what to expect afterwards. You will receive a full page report after your session via email6



reiki one & Two & MASTER certification

Have you ever wanted to EXPAND your own healing potential? 

This is your opportunity. Reiki is something anyone can learn. Classes are small- limited to 10-15 students- and are interactive, fun, and taught in a beautiful, relaxed environment. Held throughout the year in various locations. Reiki One focuses on self healing and Reiki Two goes more into detail on healing others, learning Distance Reiki and the Reiki Symbols. Semi-private classes and Private Certifications available upon request.

** Check the CALENDAR for upcoming Reiki One & Two Certifications! **