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Are you ready to feel fabulous, gorgeous, sexy, strong, and confident in your body and life?

Are you committed to your personal growth, health, and happiness?

Do you long to feel more passion in your life?

Are you a woman with a full life who leads from your heart, ready to level up your life and your business?

Are you on the edge of a breakthrough, but not sure how to get ‘there’?

Are you desiring more clarity, beauty, ease, and flow in your life?

Are you wondering how to live with more authenticity, power, purpose, and vibrant health?

Are you ready to invite more love and abundance in all of your life?

Are you wanting to connect with yourself more fully?

Do you want to feel more energized and do less while being more productive?

Do you want to let go of the ‘struggle’ and just ‘be’ more

Are you wanting to feel more peace, fulfillment, and harmony?

Do you have so many gifts to give but don’t know where to start?

Are you ready to explore the possibility of a truly healthy, committed relationship?

Do you crave a community of women offering their love and support?

Are you ready to learn from someone who’s been there, done that so you don’t have to take your precious time to try to figure it all out on your own?

Are you willing to let go of all that’s holding you back from it??



If so, get ready for the GODDESS DETOX!* This is the class for YOU!


See what others have been saying...


Within 8 weeks of The Goddess Detox, I did my first (and second) juice cleanse (that I was afraid of doing beforehand), met my boyfriend, moved in with him, AND quit my side gig that was keeping me from fully committing to my business, book, and projects!

I think I did this work at the right time, and Gwen helped me to really get in line with more of what I wanted. All of that can't be a coincidence!  ~Millana Snow, model, TV host, and co-founder Serene Social, NYC

Working with Gwen has completely shifted everything about my health and wellness. Her guidance and gentle direction to remove the things that were no longer serving me has not only resulted in me losing almost 15 pounds in 1 1/2 months, but I feel for the first time in a powerful place around my eating habits and body image!

She is a wonderfully knowledgeable practitioner whom I will continue to refer to my network time and time again!  ~ Jennifer Grace- Transformational Coach, Hay House Author + Radio Show Host

I Loved Gwen’s Goddess Detox! I Had Kind Of Been In A Rut With My Eating And Exercise So Going In I Really Wanted To Get Back On Track.  By the end of it, I Was Going To Yoga And Making Better Choices Around Food. Gwen Made It Really Easy To Take Small Steps Each Week So That By The End Of The Program I Was Feel Lighter, More Energized, And Happier.  I Now Have Tools That I Will Return To For Guidance For Years To Come. ~Ava Adinolfi

The most valuable part of The Goddess Detox was the wealth of information that Gwen provided!  From awesome recipes, to information about supplements, to the tools to implement in my life to find more ease & balance - it was all FANTASTIC!

If you're ready for a total life detox (this program goes WAY beyond just the nutritional aspects), The Goddess Detox is the only program that will do!

 The impact of The Goddess Detox on my life was actually pretty surprising and unexpected for me. Going into the program, I expected to come out of it feeling lighter and more comfortable in my body. Those things did happen, but I also had a huge discovery in one of our accountability check-ins at the beginning of class where I realized that I had been taking on WAY too many things, and that my packed schedule was getting in the way of me getting more in touch with my core desired feelings and reaching my personal goal I had set for myself at the beginning of class. This revelation was aboslutely HUGE for me, since I've always been a proud "doer" and I realize now that what I really want and need to focus on is just BEING instead of DOING. 

 I LOVED all the recipes - I know that there are so many that can be found on websites like Pinterest or Food Gawker, but to get them straight from you was AMAZING! Your smoothie recipe is now my go-to! :)

The Goddess Detox was a great investment, and I'm so glad I did it! Thank you, Gwen! You're such an inspiration! xoxo ~Emily Cassel

The Goddess Detox was so much fun!  I truly enjoyed every Sunday with this incredible group of women.  Gwen is so amazing! 

I enjoyed all the experts she had join us, especially the tapping expert. I learned so much about myself.  

I have noticed such a difference in how I feel from the vitamins Gwen suggested.  Every morning I have a glass of hot water and lemon instead of a cup of coffee.  I am still working on getting off processed sugar and I am doing much better with that challenge.  I am so grateful for this experience.  I will be telling my friends and family to take her next course.  ~Shannon G., Fort Lauderdale, FL

Gwen has created and leads such a great program, rich with information and prompts, that really helped me take time for reflection and detoxifying in my life.

Cleaning up the simple stressors in my life seems like a small thing, but it had remarkable impact in a short amount of time. Detoxifying unnecessary roadblocks in my life has given me emotional freedom and awareness that I didn’t even realize I needed. I feel a new sense of composure and confidence.

While it was very challenging to get deeply introspective, I learned so much about human needs and my personal perspectives on what makes me authentic.

Committing to this weekly time for me helped me get back in balance and back on track in so many ways. Everyone would benefit from taking the time to invest in themselves with Gwen's program. I’m assured that I have a useful notebook of tools to refer back to on a regular basis when life feels like a struggle. Thank you for your gentle encouragement and sweet accountability. ~Susan Waldenstrom, Minneapolis, MN, Certified massage therapist, life coach, wellness coach



I created this class for a heart-centered leading woman who wants more from her life!  A woman who is on the edge of something big. A woman who craves to feel fully and live a passionate, healthy, freedom-filled life! During class you will get clear on who you really are, where you need to start, Goddess Life & health vision, tools to get there; sexy, healthy, detoxified body; healthy mind- body connection & help with emotional eating, more energy, glowing skin, open heart; immesurable self love and respect; learning to ground and center yourself; healthy and beautiful home; anti-aging secrets, letting go and detoxing all areas of your life so you can have room for ease, beauty, love, and flow; less stress, more peace and harmony; a new mantra & a ritual for the new you; how to be happy now and get all you want in the future because of it! 


How It Works


  • 90 + days to a sexy soulful body, mind, and spirit!

  • 1 strategy & support session with Gwen before class begins

  • 1 LIVE video call every week and video module weekly

  • Full on support with peers- weekly peer partner call

  • FB group support

  • Powerful surprise guest mentors

  • Yoga & Meditation Videos

  • Gwen’s Guided Chakra Meditations

  • · Bonus 1:1 Private Coaching Call with Gwen after course completion ($250 value!)


*SET up a 10 minute INTERVIEW with Gwen*

(An interview is required to be considered for this course)

*Previously The Goddess Detox was called the Life Fulfillment Mastery Intensive