life design makeover

This very unique and most luxury package is for my most dedicated and committed clients who want to shift their health and life in a holistic way. It is truly a journey into your best health holistically. We dive into detoxing your body, mind, and spirit though Iridology (see below),  herbs, supplements, a new nutritional plan, Yoga, Reiki, Coaching, & Essential Oils. We go into 8 different areas also to identify what's working and what is not, including your home, cleaning products, skin products, makeup, what you are watching, wearing, listening to, EMF's and more. We assess all your needs and desires and come up with a plan that suits you in a very specific way. 

After an initial in-person consultation, we configure a 90 + day plan, with full accountability, weekly meetings and sessions, depending on what is DESIGNED especially for you.  I am with you every step of the way, with full access to me. We are partners! You then get to experience exciting life shifts into a new life of energy, renewal, love, ease, and flow. 

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Close examination of the iridies (each iris) reveals where in the body we need strengthening and cleansing. That is, where we need to focus to achieve optimal balance in your body. Muscle response testing may be used to determine weaknesses to strengthen or detox as well.  You will discover exactly what YOUR body needs to attain homeostasis and optimal health. Close attention is paid to the emotional, physical and mental states of each person during the consult. Some solutions may include eliminating or adding particular foods, nutrition education, juicing, specific herbs, supplements, Reiki, energy healing, specific exercises, mediation, custom-made bach flower remedies and other holistic approaches. A personalized comprehensive plan for each client is created and sent out 24-48 hours after the consultation. This service is available one-on-one OR remotely for your convenience. (Photos are examined followed by phone session).