How I arrived

Growing up in the 70s and 80s in the Midwest as the daughter of a psychologist and a lover of all nature, I remember my first yoga experience at the age of 5 with my mom. I suppose this was the beginning of my lust for natural, healthy living. As a teenager I dabbled in the modeling and acting, loving the ability to express myself on stage and on camera. I felt alive and in my flow. Fast forward to college, I searched to find more meaning and purpose in my life, who I really was, and live my life fully and passionately. I wanted to help people live a more healthy life, and by the suggestion of someone close to me, decided upon the profession of pharmacy. Little to my knowledge, this was in fact a career that was in opposition to much of what I believed. Unsatisfied after a few years, and eager to feel alive and passionate about my life and work, I wanted to pivot. I just didn’t know how or toward what.

Serendipity. I met someone at the pharmacy who suggested I model again. So I did! Shortly after, I went part time as a pharmacist, moved to Europe, and was loving my life..

At the age of 30, I returned, and began navigating through a divorce, and it wasn’t easy. Through the suggestion of a good friend, started seeing a Naturopath to help with the process. I thought it would be just physical help, but he helped me heal and strengthen my body, mind, and spirit— all naturally! As I got to know him better, he encouraged me to study Naturopathy, and offered to teach me.  Soon after, I became his protégé sitting in on hundreds of patients over a few years time. Finally, in 2007, after taking a series of Certifications, I got the courage to start my own practice as a Holistic Health Counselor. In 2010 I became a Reiki Healer to help heal myself even more. Energy healing was new to me, and pretty unpopular at the time, but I was sold. This was powerful and it worked! A year later I was a Reiki Master. I wanted to share this Reiki with everyone and teach it to others!  The education kept on, and a couple years later I became a Certified Life Coach, then, after almost 2 decades years of practicing different styles of yoga-  Bikram to Jivamukti to Ashtanga to Vinyasa flow- I followed my love for yoga and became an instructor. Today, I combine all of these modalities to give my clients a true HOLISTIC healing experience.

My Mission: To help guide you in your Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical Healing, and Soul Expansion!

Fun Facts 

I love travel and adventure, pina coladas, cortaditos, the ocean, yoga, anything Italian, children, all animals, my 2 kitties Angelica and Amelia, comedy, learning languages, photography, philosophy, my fabulous friends from all around the globe, my loyal, supportive family, being a free spirit, enjoying the journey, growth and enlightenment, serving others, and, of course, dark chocolate!


Professional Qualifications & Training

  • Licensed as a Pharmacist, RPh - 1997 to present, B.S. from The Ohio State University. Miami University (Ohio) undergraduate.

  • Iridologist, Herbalist, Holistic Health Coach, Wellness Educator - since 2007.

  • Certified Yoga Alliance RYT-200- 2017 -practicing for body, mind, & spirit health, since 1997.

  • Certified as a CNHP (Certified Natural Health Professional) in 2007. CNHP is the largest group of natural health professionals in the U.S.

  • Certified as a Reiki Master – 2010. Master healer and teacher.

  • Certified Life Coach- 2014. Mentor Masterclass created and led by Jeannine Yoder- A year long Life Coach Certification Program.