The Early Years

I grew up in the 70s and 80s in Pennsylvania, then Ohio. I’m the daughter of a psychologist and a mother who loved gardening and yoga. In fact, I remember my first yoga “class” was in front of the TV with my mom when I was 5! We were watching “Yoga with Lily”, and I just loved doing the backbend. I remember picking fresh green beans and eating them right off the vine in our backyard and cutting  rhubarb stalks for the pies my mom would make. We went camping in the fall, ice skating in the winter, and swimming in the summer. I suppose this was the beginning of my lust for natural, healthy living! 

After those formative years, I moved every few years to a new city becoming a master chameleon and seeing all different walks of life. In college, I became rebellious as I discovered my new found adult freedom. Growing up, I felt like I was held back and restricted with ideals, rules and curfews, probably not unlike most teenagers! I was taught to follow the rules. Sometimes I felt that who I was and what I loved and wanted to do wasn’t “correct” or “right”. Being on my own, I felt free to be myself finally. The reason?  I wanted to be a model at 16 when I was scouted, but wasn’t allowed. Then, in college, I wanted to be an actress or an artist, and I was discouraged by my well-meaning parents (there was a reason they called them “starving artists”). After that, I studied fashion merchandising to be a buyer, then marketing, zoology, and the list goes on. I kept trying to find my passion and purpose while simultaneoulsy doing the "right" things, but it seemed to avoid me. Finally, upon the suggestion of another, I decided to major in pharmacy, since I did love learning about how the body and how it works. I could 'help' people, and it was a great career choice in many ways, at least on paper.

Adulthood, My Adventures, My Crises, + How I Got Here

At 24 I became a pharmacist only to discover a few short years later I was just not satisfied being in that career. In fact, after learning more and more about medications, I almost felt my beIiefs were quite the opposite! I went part time as quickly as I could, and (surprise) started modeling again at 26. In the meantime, I had met a man in my earlier 20s, got married, and was having some fun!

Fast forward to the age of 30, and I was navigating through a difficult divorce (not sure if there is such a thing as an easy one!), and through the suggestion of a good friend, started seeing a Naturopath. I was a disaster with my health, and in my opinion, this man was a total genius. Over time, he helped heal and strengthen my body, mind, and spirit...naturally!  I was one grateful woman. After I got to know him better, and I returned from my second big rebel escapade -living and modeling all over Europe- he encouraged me to do what he was doing, and offered to teach me.  Soon after, I became his protégé sitting in on hundreds of patients over a few years time. Finally, in 2007, I got the courage to start my own practice as a Holistic Health Counselor after learning from him and taking a series of Certifications. In 2010, I decided to learn Reiki to help heal myself even more. So, I took Reiki 1, then after that, Reiki 2, and 3 to become a Reiki Master so I could give Reiki to myself and my clients and teach it to others! A couple years later in 2012, I went on to become a Certified Life Coach. In 2017, after 20 years of practicing different styles of yoga- from Bikram to Jivamukti to Ashtanga to Vinyasa flow- I followed my love for yoga and strong intuition (I couldn't figure out why I had to do this, but I knew I HAD to!), and I became a Yoga Instructor. Today, I combine all of these modalities to give my clients a true HOLISTIC healing experience.

What I Learned + What I Want for YOU

I learned so much from these life experiences that I really want to share my experience with YOU to help and empower you to more efficiently live your own life, on your own terms. I want you to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE. We all need to learn to believe in and love ourselves and listen to our intuition and act on it. We all need different things in life at different times. I want to share the truth that Pure Vibrant Health is our birthright. Our lives can improve 100% by just starting with this! Maybe for you that means more balance or less stress, more fun or less butter, more peace or less pain. Whatever it is, I am here to help you get clarity on what you want and to help you take action. 

My Mission

 All of this being said, I have tried many things out in my own life, have had many different relationships, friendships, and careers. I have learned a lot so far along, and I have certainly learned about this process, about people, and about myself. Somehow, I have always, always succeeded in what I really set out to do and what I have wanted in my life.  Even if the odds were against me. Yes, I have had "failures", but what are failures anyway? If we didn't have these experiences that we perceived as such, we would not grow or get to where we are supposed to be! Since I can remember, I have felt a strong need to serve others and make a difference in the world. Now, being a Coach and a Healer, and I am able to help others find their gifts and do the same. This gives me immense satisfaction and joy. I feel I’m a living example of my work, and hope to create change on a global level through empowering each one of you to take charge of your life, health, and happiness to become the best version of yourself and create the lives of your dreams- one step at a time through Holistic Coaching and Healing: healing of the body, mind, and spirit to create Pure Vibrant Health in and all around us!

Fun Facts 

I love travel and adventure, pina coladas, cortaditos, the ocean, yoga, anything Italian, children, all animals, my 2 kitties Angelica and Amelia, silly sitcoms, comedy and humor, languages, photography, philosophy, my fabulous friends from all around the globe, Bono, my loyal, supportive family, being a free spirit, enjoying the journey, growth and enlightenment, serving others, and, of course, dark chocolate!

What I "am"

Don't you just love that question, "What do you do?" Ha! Well, I "am” many things, but as far as my profession, this is what I do:  I am a Holistic Health and Life Coach + Reiki Master Teacher. I am also a Wellness Educator, Pharmacist, Iridologist, Herbalist, Certified Natural Health Professional, Professional Model & Actress, Energy Healer, and Intuitive. Most importantly, I am a human hoping to help heal and strengthen you, guide you, and help you find the answers you need within yourself, so you can live your best life!  I look forward to meeting you! 


Professional Qualifications & Training

  • Licensed as a Pharmacist, RPh - 1997 to present, B.S. from The Ohio State University. Miami University (Ohio) undergraduate.
  • Iridologist, Herbalist, Holistic Health Coach, Wellness Educator - since 2007.
  • Certified Yoga Alliance RYT-200- 2017 -practicing for body, mind, & spirit health, since 1997.
  • Certified as a CNHP (Certified Natural Health Professional) in 2007. CNHP is the largest group of natural health professionals in the U.S.
  • Certified as a Reiki Master – 2010. Master healer and teacher.
  • Certified Life Coach- 2014. Mentor Masterclass created and led by Jeannine Yoder- A year long Life Coach Certification Program.