A Conscious Love course for the Soulful, Heart-centered woman who is ready to heal her heart, detox her body, mind, spirit detox so she can create a Life of Conscious Love, Radiant Health, Beauty, Power, & Purpose!

I created this Bad-ass class for heart-centered leading women who are ready for Conscious Love! Women who want support during or after a devastating breakup. This is for a woman who is fully capable in all areas of life, but in love, it has been challenging. A woman who is ready to not waste any more of her precious time feeling sad, bad, or drained of energy, but, instead, wants to take charge and take excellent care of herself so she can feel better FAST! This program is for a woman who is 100% committed to herself and her health- body, mind, and spirit. She knows she deserves to feel good…happy, confident, empowered and fully supported! She is ready for a full-on detox, a personal reset, a killer body, glowing skin, clear mind, boundless energy, new purpose, and connection with herself and the world— more than ever before! A woman ready for her bad-ass life! During class you will clear the past, get to know who you REALLY are, shower yourself with love, prepare to invite in new conscious love, celebrate, work with your own energy, shift your entire mindset, & create your new intentional, purposeful life! Are you ready!??

Here’s how you’ll know…

Are you a woman who leads with her heart?

Have you had a terrible break up recently or just can’t get over your last partner?

Are you tired of having painful, repeat experiences with men and wonder why it keeps happening?

 Are you ready to feel energized, happy, and healthy, once and for all?

 Are you ready to master your mind so you can stop all the self-sabotaging thoughts  and behaviors and start living a bad-ass life?

 Are you ready to get a killer strong, sexy, healthy body? (your ‘revenge’ body!)

 Are you ready to find out who you REALLY ARE?

 Are you ready to learn how to truly love yourself more fully and deeply than you ever have before?

 Are you ready to let go of the ‘struggle’?

 Are you ready to start celebrating how amazing and fabulous you really are?!

 Are you ready to feel even more fabulous, gorgeous, sexy, strong, and confident in your body and entire life?

 Are you ready to learn to work with your OWN energy so you can feel more centered, happy, loving, feminine, and free?

 Are you ready to invite in abundance in all areas of your life? 

 Are you ready to live the most full, vibrant, purposeful, intentional life ever….like you never have before??!?

 Are you ready to courageously create the life you have always dreamed of?!?

 Are you committed to your personal growth, health, and happiness?

Do you crave a community, love, and support?

Are you ready to learn from someone who’s been there, done that so you don’t have to take your precious time to try to figure it all out on your own?

 Are you willing to let go of all that’s holding you back from it??

If you answered yes to any number of these, SIGN UP HERE for a 20 minute CLARITY SESSION with Gwen to see if it’s a fit!


·     90 + days to a powerful, strong, happy, healthy new you!

·     1 module every 2 weeks with Soul Work

·     1 live coaching call every week

·     Soul sister (accountability partner) – if desired

·     FB goddess group

·     Gwen’s Guided Chakra Meditations 

·     Bonus: TWO Private Coaching Calls with Gwen- beginning and end (500$ value!)

** Private Journey available upon special request **