Gwen is really one of a kind. I feel so lucky to have attracted her into my life as a coach, friend and a member of the SERENE community! I have known many coaches, but what I think really stands out about Gwen is how open, kind and understanding she is! I can really be myself with her because she never judges and always leaves me feeling empowered. I never feel like I am ever given false hope or fluff, instead Gwen gives me open hearted perspective on other ways to see my relationships, thoughts and situations! I highly recommend Gwen as a coach to any one who is looking to get clear and honest about what they want, as she is all about breaking through limiting beliefs and habits and kindly guides you through the steps towards it. - Millana Snow, Co-Founder of SERENE Social, Los Angeles, CA


I was dealing with new career decisions and feeling very anxious about which path to take. Gwen helped me to access and trust my inner guide so I was able to make the decision that was right for me. Through our work together I gained clarity, confidence, and stepped into my power… and, ultimately into my new job! I highly recommend Gwen to the person that’s ready to have a life-changing experience. - Jennifer S, Finance, New York, NY


Through my time working with Gwen, my overall mindset and confidence positively changed. Gwen helped me find more direction and clear focus in both my career goals and spiritual well being. Her guidance was constructive and uplifting. Our weekly sessions allowed me to create concrete goals for myself and prioritize those commitments, while I harmoniously gained confidence within. Gwen’s uplifting attitude, and natural, holistic approach made me feel comfortable, yet also challenged me to grow and progressively improve each week. Without her coaching, I would not have been able to focus on as many areas that I was able to improve. It’s not too often that you find someone who is willing to help you work on the many areas of life, while also staying in your corner to cheer you on to the finish line! I would highly recommend Gwen to anyone who is looking to make a positive change in his or her life, or seeking self-improvement! - Heather T, Student, New York, NY

I have been friends with Gwen for a long time and have always appreciated her guidance and reflection.  However, it was only recently that I accessed Gwen for a true coaching session.  Our one hour together was transformative. Gwen helped me understand how I function in relationships and what I need to be happy in them. She enabled me to find clarity in some challenges I have faced for a long time.  I am grateful that she helped me get onto a much better path.  With Gwen's coaching, I feel like a stronger, more confident person who now has the tools I need to not only tackle the challenges I face, but to overcome them. I would recommend Gwen for anyone; she truly understands each person's unique perspective and accepts people for who they are and where they are in their journey. -D.B., Teacher, Boston, MA


As a retired psychologist who has had decades of clinical practice I am fully endorsing the personal benefits that I have gained from the holistic coaching I have received from Gwen. Problem solving is like a treasure hunt and she was able to decision tree me down till I found the stem I needed to choose to achieve my goals. She is a great listener. Her approach was supportive, gently probing and very encouraging.   She is very sensitive and able to hold one accountable for their own progress toward their personal goals.  She is analytical and followed a clear path with me to goal achievement. Her focus was particularly helpful when issues were uncomfortable and it would have be easy to get off course.   Her holistic coaching was a personally rewarding journey.   This has helped me gain an improved sense of well being.  It has assisted me in gaining an improved  nutritional, pharmacological, herbal, physical, mental and emotional integration and balance in my life.   I feel that I have gained a clearer perspective and continue to make measurable progress toward my personal goals thanks to Gwen's coaching. - Paul M, Psychologist, Columbus, Ohio


Gwen is not only a great coach but a truly great person. I completely trust her and know that she is always honest with me. Her demeanor is caring and loving but she is not afraid to speak the truth and doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear. The truly special thing about working with Gwen is that she brings out answers from within yourself. After a session, I feel accomplished knowing that I came to these answers on my own and they weren’t just given to me. Gwen makes you work hard but the result is being confident in your discoveries and decisions. I would absolutely recommend Gwen to other people. She has the rare ability to be able to work with all different types of people — no matter what I asked her, she was helpful, non-judgmental and inspiring. - Jordan, Life Coach, New York, NY


Gwen has the exemplary gift of listening with a supportive, caring, non judgmental attitude. She also has the "natural" ability of  being sensitive when someone is discussing personal, emotional, and many times deeply buried painful issues while being empathetic, but helping them move forward with gentleness and ease. Many psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors do not seem to have this gift. For me, I needed time, and I finally found someone who could honestly help me work through what I felt inside. That person is Gwen, and I thank her from the bottom of my heart. - Jane G, Receptionist