Three Techniques to Release Your Inner Wild Woman

1. Shift into the present moment- when you are feeling blah, just use your 5 senses (well, one at a time), and notice everything all around you- sights, smells, sounds, taste, and touch. BE in the moment, and appreciate all that IS, right now. You are safe and at peace, right now. There is life happening all around you NOW.  By being in the now, you are not able to focus on the 'regrets' of the past or the 'worries' of the future. Go to NOW, and all is well. 

2. Listen to your truth- Take a moment (or 20), and just listen to yourself. Listen to your body and it's feelings and sensations. Pay attention to it. Our bodies are always trying to speak to us, if we would just take a minute to listen. Afterward, just be still, and see what comes up mentally. Chances are, it might be something chattery or unpleasant or both. If not, that's great, however, I am challenging you to listen to what you FEEL inside, in your gut or intuitively after the chatter has subsided. When you listen to your truth, you will align with who you really are, and your actions will stem from that, creating a life you love!

3. Do something creative that lights you up- After you shift into the present and then listen to your truth, now it is time to take action and do something to light you up! What is it that you love to do? What makes you feel alive? Choose something that you are passionate about and do it! Do you want to learn a language? Do you love to dance or write poetry? Do you love art museums or music? Maybe you simply want to read a good book or get dressed up or walk through the park. Whatever it is, get those creative juices flowing and do what you love! I promise after this you will feel wild and free again!