Just like we ease into fall and the trees let go of their leaves, the fall is a time to be EASY on ourselves. Fall is a time to take care of ourselves with love, kindness, and generosity! When we treat ourselves gently and let go of our need to 'control', we feel more relaxed, more free, and a greater sense of ease. How can you be more kind to yourself? What can you let go of that is standing in your way of this? What can you let go of that is in the way of you achieving your highest potential?? What can you truly control and what can you not?  At the retreat we will get deeper into this concept of letting go and learn to do this along side of learning how to rejuvenate ourselves fully, and work with our energies to do so.

Say this Mantra daily, and feel your body relax as you read it: 

" It is safe to let go- allowing myself to relax and feel the ease and natural rhythm of life" 

Enjoy the beauty of the changing seasons, the colors, fresh, crisp air, and simply being in the present moment. I hope to see you all very soon! 

Wishing you happiness and health in body, mind, and spirit, and of course LOVE!