How Fashion Makes You Healthy

 I wanted to let you in on a little secret. FASHION makes you healthy. Well, that's a plus! You have heard eating right, exercising, and maybe even relaxing more can add to your health, but how on earth is this true? Well, read on friend, and you will soon learn.....

I wanted to write this in honor of Fashion Week last week in New York. It's such an exciting time in the city with a flood of shows, parties, and events, and many of you may think- who cares about all this, who cares about fashion! Even I (as a former and current dabbling model) can get to think that fashion is a waste of time, money, and there are so many important things in life. I think, let's be practical. 

However, the surprise lies in the truth. 

Fashion can actually make you more healthy!

In our constant barrage of busy-ness, distraction, workaholism, electronic overload, life and family obligations, and to do lists, I ask one thing: where is the balance? More importantly, where are your priorities? I teach this in my Life Fulfillment Mastery course, how to prioritize according to your value system, and create the life you love! 

As for your priorities, I believe that your HEALTH should be up there in the top 2. See, if we don't have our health, we have nothing. We have poor energy, poor motivation, we can't think clearly, we load up on sugar and caffeine to stay awake, then alcohol to sleep. This is just the tip of the iceberg. 

In the Western world, most of us have been conditioned to think health is only a physical thing. This is totally untrue. The truth is that health MANIFESTS in a physical form, poor or rich, but is linked to the mind and spirit as well. So, what is the health of your mind and spirit? Do you feel sharp and connected to source energy? Do you feel peaceful and happy? Are you feeling totally like YOU? 

If not, let's get there. 

I want you to feel amazing! I want you to feel like the BEST EXPRESSION of YOURSELF!

SO HOW you do that?

There are many ways. Incorporating more fun and play into your life and expressing yourself is one way, and the way we will touch on here. And, guess what?! FASHION is a vehicle for this! 

Fashion is a vehicle to express our most inner selves and sometimes even the parts of ourselves that we hide regularly, and wish we would have the courage to expose. We all have many "sides" of ourselves, and normally only 1 or 2 show to the world. Why not show more? This can help you to feel alive and free! It can help us to feel more like ourselves, take pride in who we are, and what we stand for. We can even express our daily moods by what we wear. Maybe you are feeling fiery? Wear red. Maybe you are feeling cool and want to wear blues. Maybe you want to dress up and feel fierce and feminine? Wear that new patterned romper and bright pink lipstick! 

Even on an energetic level, as I've learned being a Reiki Master and teacher, colors that we wear and expose ourselves to can help balance our chakras that are out of balance (TAKE my CHAKRA QUIZ)! This can contribute to our overall energy level and vitality in body, mind, and spirit. 

So, when you find yourself poo-pooing the fashionistas out there, remember this: FASHION MAKES YOU HEALTHY, HAPPY, AND HELPS YOU TO FEEL BEAUTIFUL AND FREE. You are honoring your most inner selves by expressing who you are through what you wear. So, grab those barely-worn Louboutin's and strut your stuff.... and reassure yourself that the charge on your card is for your soul to smile more:) 

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Hope to see you soon! xxx