Wipe out that Boredom Once and for All. (3 Ways you don't want to miss)!

Do you ever feel bored? Why do we get "bored"? What does this really mean?? 

I've been thinking about this lately a lot.... I've been feeling a little antsy. A little like I want to do some galavanting around Europe, explore New York museums and concerts more, eat more delicious foods, and have WAY more fun! In short, I've been feeling "bored". So how do we break free from our rut of our everyday monotony? How do we feel like our FUN, FREE selves again??

Well, here is the answer my loves......

1. Find and fulfill your needs. That is, find out your human and spirit needs and fulfill them properly. On your own. Remember: we are solely in charge of our own happiness- it's no one else's job. So, how are your own personal life needs being met? We have 4 human and 2 spirit needs. To feel liberated, fulfilled, happy, and free, we need to make sure our MOST IMPORTANT (primary) needs are being met on a regular basis, in all arenas of our life- work, relationships, and self. 

The needs are Certainty, Variety, Love/Connection, and Significance, Growth, and Contribution.

Human Needs

  1. Certainty- Comfort and Control. The ability to gain pleasure and avoid pain
  2. Variety (Uncertainty)- The need for challenges that will exercise our emotional and physical range. The desire for new experiences and unpredictable adventures.
  3. Significance- The need to feel special, important, needed and wanted.
  4. Love/Connection- The desire to give and receive love to and from other human beings at our maximum capacity (we settle for connection when we see true love as too scary).

 Spirit Needs

  1. Growth- To grow beyond yourself and outside of your fears and limitations.
  2. Contribution- Being truly fulfilled is a result of contributing. Contribution and service is the meaning to your life on earth. Everything in the universe contributes beyond itself or it is eliminated. 

Which of these are so important to you that you cannot imagine living without them? Choose 1 from each category. If these needs are not being met at a high level in all areas of your life, then find ways to amp up your satisfaction in those areas! You will feel a significant difference in no time!

2. Do something you have NEVER done before. This will get your blood pumping! Ideally choose something to fulfill your primary needs (above). It can be something you have always wanted to do- like trapeze, a dance class, or skydiving, or perhaps something you just think would be fun to try- like skateboarding, cooking, or taking a new route on your bike around the neighborhood. Maybe it's signing up for a dating site or volunteering for an animal shelter. Travel to a new destination, near or far. Perhaps it's babysitting your best friend's child (kids can really bring out the fun in us!) You could also choose to do something you used to do as a kid. I recently rode a bike around the neighborhood with my nephews and had so much fun. I really felt like a kid again!

3. Move your brain or your body. We need to challenge ourselves in order to feel like we are living fully. Instead of picking a fight with your boyfriend or girlfriend, choose to take a new class, go on a run, read a new book, or dance like a crazy person or meet up with some friends for some stimulating conversation! 

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