Why Working Hard and Achieving Your Goals will not make you Happy

We grow up learning that to get what we want we have to work hard, pay our dues, put in the hours, and finally, one day, we will "be successful". Someday, we will reach all of our goals, and we will be accomplished, satisfied and happy.... 

{How do you define success? What are you chasing after that you think will make you happy?}

So we set goals, we strive, we work our buns off! We are tired, so we load up on caffeine, we eat sugar to stay awake, we drink alcohol to relax. Our bodies are in overdrive, and we are exhausted. We try to make time to see our friends and families, but we are just "sooooo busy", the time is never made. Our bodies feel sluggish and don't look like we want. We don't feel strong and in control of ourselves, and don't like what we see. We are on every dating site trying to find love because we feel empty. We try to make it to the gym or yoga class, but by the time the day ends, we just can't bear to lift a finger, so we flip on the tube. How is it that we are feeling alone and unhappy?! This isn't how it's supposed to be.... but if I just keep on keepin' on..... one day.....it will happen... and life will be great. Then.

Now, don't get me wrong I believe having (some) goals is healthy. Otherwise, we have no direction. I'm sure you have had a few goals that you have achieved, and it felt great! For a bit. Then, onto the next goal!

We forget to be grateful for all that we have and all that we are, in relation to Spirit. We get so caught up in the ego ride of getting more and striving more that we forget just to BE. It is in the absence of action, that we can reconnect to nature (of which we are a part), recharge, and be reminded of the divine beings that we are. Your worth does not come from what you do, how much money you make, or how 'successful' others view you to be. In fact, it is derived from the sheer fact that you ARE HERE, and you are HERE TO LIVE YOUR DIVINE PURPOSE. You are here to spread your light, and your message, just by BEING YOU.

Authentic, special, magical you!

So when you feel yourself on the train of action going 1000 miles per hour, and about to derail, take a breath, and stop! In fact, STOP IT ALL! Just be. Just sit and do nothing! Rest. Take a bath. Call a friend. Watch bad TV. I don't care what it is or is not, but just being can have a profound effect on us. In fact, it is a very Taoist way of living. Wayne Dyer talks about this in his books, and it is essential to having true life fulfillment, which is the greatest success of all. 

I also want you to take note of the feeling that you are chasing after as you work hard, strive, and try to reach your goals. How can you get more of this feeling NOW? After all, this is REALLY what you want.

And the answer lies within.......

And that's why you need to just BE- so you can listen and find the answers! We can only do this when we take time for ourselves, and listen to our bodies as well. When we do this, it can be uncomfortable if we are not used to it at first. Everything begins to surface that we have been trying to suppress. It does NOT go away until we address it. If we try to do that, we will only make our bodies sick by internalizing. After the release of this chatter, and responsible action, our minds go to a much calmer place, and our creativity and love begin to expand. Yay! 

So release, let go, and just BE for a bit. Try it for ONE DAY this week or weekend coming up, and I'd love to hear what comes up for you on the comments below.

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Love much and often,