Are you a Professional Procrastinator? The TOP 6 Ways to get over it

This weekend has been a full weekend of work- two days at #theSeedMarket in New York City, having the pleasure of teaching 2 awesome workshops and being surrounded by and meeting incredible, conscious, aware people with great energy. I may be tired, but lucky me. I also enjoyed delicious vegan food from #Quintessence (yum!) and loads of the most nutrient dense green juice on the planet from my favorite juice co #FoxyGreensInc all weekend. I discovered an new line of moroccan oils I love called #KenzaInternationalBeauty- when you see Khadija's skin (the creator of this company), you will want it too, an uber cool sock company called #ConsciousStep, started by an Australian MD who's proceeds benefit different poverty stricken causes (I bought a few pair: one for pregnant women in Africa with HIV and one for hungry children). I also learned about what happens to farm animals that we as general public are unaware. It is horrifying, and I believe sadly, these days, we all are responsible to do our research to know what we are supporting. No animal wants to be killed or mistreated. They are beings of pure love. So get educated: check out more at

As well, this weekend I was blessed to meet so many beautiful souls that shared so much with me and opened up with vulnerability, the greatest and simplest gift of all- to really connect with another, on a soul level. I thank them so much for that gift. After all, if we don't have each other, what do we have?

After my last workshop on Sunday, which was about Revamping your Health, and setting clear goals to get to your ideal health, I had a student ask me this: so what do I do to get myself to actually DO the 'baby steps' to achieve the Goal I set? 

I had some immediate ideas, but it really got me thinking about this. I grew up with a serious Professional Procrastinator (Hi Dad!), so I witnessed this first-hand my whole life. I have to admit, some of it may have rubbed off on me as well... and that's ok. In fact, I think sometimes, it's ok to procrastinate. It depends what it IS that we are putting off. That's the key. If it's laundry, chances are it can wait. Making an important doctor's appointment? Probably not. 

So if it's an important thing for you, and something you know you need to do, listen up. I'm going to share with you now what I believe to be the TOP 6 ways to overcome your Professional Procrastination (finally)!

  1. Do it first. Do it before you even THINK about starting any other project. Chances are if you start another project or task, you will get sucked in and find 1000 excuses not to start this {dreaded} project. It feels dreaded because it's been on your plate for so long, by the way. So at least START it. If it's a monumental project- break it into manageable tasks under 20 minutes- and just do that. FIRST!!! You will feel so much better too!
  2. Think back. Have you done this before? Meaning, have you done this 'thing you need to do' in your past and succeeded in getting it done?? HOW did you succeed in getting it done? What was your motivation to get it done? How did it feel to you after you did it? Many times we have done something before and we can tap into that power and those feelings to help propel us into doing it again. It's exactly what actors do in their craft when getting into character you know.
  3. Ask yourself this: What happens if you just do it? Think ahead. What will your life look and feel like if you get this done? Short term? Long term? 5 years down the road? 10? 
  4. Ask yourself this: what if you keep doing nothing? Hmmmmmm. Life will look like what? Feel like what? How will you feel personally? What about in 1 year? 5? 10?  Yikes!
  5. What would Ares, the Greek God of war, say to you? Would he say, "Ahhhh, take your time. Be lazy. no rush." ? I doubt that. Probably more like, turn off the TV, get off your butt, and go to that class, or set your alarm 20 minutes earlier and stop making excuses!!! It's time to tap into your inner Warrior. What would he or she say? Listen.
  6. Check if this is reeeeally that important to you. Does this thing align with your values and way of living? Is it something that is a priority to you? If so, why? Question yourself. If it does not line up, cut it. Your time is too precious to waste on things that don't truly matter to you. It will also leave room for the things that do matter. 

Have a beautiful week and let me know what you have decided to do (or not to do) this week!

In love,