The #1 Way to Shift out of your RUT and get Happy again!

The #1 Way to Shift out of your RUT and get Happy again!

Are you stuck in a sea of Unhappiness? Perhaps you just went through a breakup, gained 20 extra pounds that crept up on you, realize you hate your job, or you are not where you expected to be in life? Good news is you are not alone. Life brings us all kinds of surprises along with changes in our feelings. Over the years, I have discovered one way that works to shift us out of any rut, with any circumstance or feeling we may have...

It's sooooo simple!

ow, I didn't say it was easy, but it doesn't have to be hard either! However, it is quite simple. See, what we do when we are feeling badly, is we focus on the "bad stuff"- that is, the stuff we perceive as "bad". We sabotage any good feelings that creep in by reminding ourselves of the "bad stuff" going on in our lives. We zero in on this stuff so incessantly that we fail to notice all the little miracles happening every day in our lives and all around us. So what I have learned is to shift your focus to some perceived "good" thing that you notice. It could be that you meet a friend for lunch, your dog kisses you, or a stranger smiles at you. Maybe you start focusing on one thing that you like about yourself. I love this mirror exercise where you look into a mirror, find at least ONE thing you like about yourself and say it! Then, look inside of yourself and do the same. Now you have TWO things you can focus upon that are positive and true. Do this daily and watch the magic happen. Better yet, do this at every opportunity you have- most of us totally under appreciate ourselves - especially when you hear those negative thoughts making you feel BAD.

o, in my belief, it's about finding the beauty and positivity in little baby things moment by moment. When we do this, we eventually start to feel BETTER. When we feel BETTER, we can see things more clearly, more objectively, and we remember more of who we are and that we have an important part here on this earth. It is our job to be the best version of ourselves, and if we do not do this, we are squelching our gifts and talents that we were made to share and cheating the world!

So, when you start to feel that icky, self-defeating thought wiggle into your mind, decide you have the power and shake it off! Decide to refocus your thought onto something pleasurable that is true.

I promise, if you do this work, over time (and it won't take that long), your feelings will change and you will feel better about yourself and your life in this moment. And, remember: the moment is all we have.......

Can you share with me below in the comments a moment that you shifted your focus??

Love to you all, 

XO Gwen