5 Ways to Love with Ease

This time of year it's great to take a moment for introspection about love. V-Day has come and gone, along with romance, fun, and connection, or perhaps disappointment and discord. In fact, according to my man, all guys dread this time of year. They think, what should I get her? Is it too soon for jewelry or too late for a card? What if I don't make the right dinner reservation?? I just want my lady to be happy, he thinks. As a woman, we look forward to the holiday a bit, hoping our man will take us out and tell us how beautiful we look, adore us, stroke our hair, and buy us flowers... And, if we are single we often think, why am I alone? I should be with someone... and feel disappointed. All of these patterns of thinking have one thing in common: expectations and disappointments. What are your LOVE expectations? Does love come with expectations???

How do you love? Do you love if someone behaves as expected? Do you love if someone "makes" you feel good? Do you love when you are feeling good or bad? Sometimes it feels hard to love. I know when I am not feeling 100% aligned with myself or my inner being, it can sometimes like a chore to give someone else love. So I figured we might all need a little help here.

5 Ways to Love with Ease!

1. Stop getting in your own way- Stop resisting what is, and accept people and situations for what they are. More importantly, START knowing that life can be amazing and have a feeling of EASE and flow. It doesn't have to be difficult- even if is has in the past. Stay in the present moment and enjoy each moment unfolding!

2. Let go of your expectations- when we place our expectations upon another person, we create an impossible situation that will never be fulfilled. No ONE person can fulfill all of our needs. When we do this, we only set ourselves up for disappointment. Better to flow and learn how people are. If they fit in your life and they bring you UP, great! If not, there's more love for all the other amazing people in your life! (including YOU!)

3. Fear not- Don't give into fear. When you start to feel fearful, remember there are 2 places to be: in fear or in love. You get to choose where you are. Focus on changing your THOUGHTS and your feelings will follow. One thought at a time. It could be as simple as telling yourself that you are smart, beautiful and dynamic! 

4. Find ways to love yourself more- Treat yourself to some good loving. People treat you the way you treat yourself, after all. Get a massage, take a hot bath, call an old friend, or bake a cake. Whatever it is that makes you feel fantastic and inspired. By doing this, you get yourself into a good place... isn't that what life is all about?!?

5. Divert your attention to what is true- When you are feeling resistance to love or find yourself loving with conditions, remember that what is true is that we ARE actually love. We emanate love and are loving beings no matter what we do or don't do. We all do our best, and our best changes from day to day. Choose love without attaching conditions or expectations- love someone because they are simply them... even if you don't 'get what you want'. :)

In So much Love,