Stop the DRAMA! The #1 way (+ 3 more tips) to eliminate drama and attract the love you want

It's February, and it's the time of year we all think about- what else -but the L-WORD.  No, I'm talking about LOVE silly!  Love is in the air and one the minds and hearts of us all. The media gets us thinking first and foremost about romantic love. They tell us we should have it, that it will make us happy and complete us, and that we need to buy gifts to show it. They tell us it will just "happen" and our lives will change forever and for the better.

What they don't tell us is one very important detail... that all of this really is an illusion. Romantic love is an ideal. It is an ideal that we might not 'perfectly' attain... and when we think we might have it, well, we get disappointed in the object of our affection. OF course! We get disappointed because people are human and no human is perfect. We make mistakes and fall short. We cannot possibly live up to the expectations of any other person all of the time! (And don't get me started on expectations- which will always disappoint, and very different than standards-that is another whole topic!) 

Something else they don't tell us is that WE can attract and create more LOVE in our lives- romantically and otherwise... EASILY! Here are 4 ways to start doing that now, and also how to STOP the DRAMA to bring in more love to your life!

1.     Be CLEAR about what you want.. If you are crystal clear and KNOW what you want in a partner, you can start creating that for yourself. We attract what we are emanating. What we put out there is what we get. That is the law of attraction.  So become what you want to attract, and treat yourself how you want to be treated. Keep your word and have integrity, and you will get the same in return. If we are not clear, and do not speak our truth about what we want, we may end up in a relationship and with a person that is NOT at all what we had 'hoped for'. Now, that's drama.

2.     Never take things personally.  Really, it's not all about you. In fact, it's actually SELFISH to think that it is! We all have an Ego. When you start thinking that "he /she did that on purpose, I'm not good enough, pretty enough or smart enough and that's why he/ she doesn't love me"... check yourself! Let go of the Ego Mind. Let go of those outdated 'programs'. I mean, do they really serve you any longer, or are they holding you back from real love?? Let go and ALLOW... if someone keeps showing you something that doesn't feel good to you, it's time to move away, and toward someone that you feel good around. But does there really have to be drama? I think not. In fact, remember, someone else's actions are ALWAYS about where they are coming from and their 'programs' (we all have them). It's not about you. 

3.     Change your Stories by asking. Our STORIES are the ultimate drama creators (and we do it to ourselves!) So, stop, think about what is REALLY going on (the facts, not your emotions), and recognize that many times we ASSUME things that are not there. We make up stories to help us to understand another's behavior. We also project our past 'stories' onto others.  So, do something different,  be brave and express yourself.  Ask when you have a question, and begin to change your ‘stories’ into new stories that fit the unique situation. 

4.     Live with Integrity. Be consistent. Be the best you can be in the moment. Our best changes day to day, so be aware of that. But, being kind to yourself and to others with what you have to give is magical. That could be your time, your listening ear, your services, money, anything really. We all have different gifts.  Give with an open heart, not expecting anything in return. Love will always come back around to you-even if it's in a different form, from a different person. Talk about killer karma! 

I hope this gives you some momentum for this beautiful LOVE month of February! 

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