Give your body a Vacation! Here's how.

I need a serious vacation.  (And, I bet my body does too). I feel like I've been working nonstop the past 2 post-holiday weeks prepping for classes and workshops and just getting grounded from the holidays.

This weekend I was participating in a really cool Vegan Market called 'the Seed' in Manhattan. All day I got to meet incredible people who were conscious, aware and taking steps to take good care of themselves in body, mind, and spirit. I created a little quiz for them to bring some insight to them about their health,  educated them about health and wellness, and answered their questions. I was truly feeling in my element, and it felt so good! 

I also met some amazing people working at the event, and felt the community and the love flowing.... some of my friends even came by to check it out. Being there reminded me of the basics. Taking care of our bodies in the right way makes room for greater energy, love, a feeling of well being- really being mentally and emotionally healthy. It reminded me of one of the best ways that I believe you can give your body a "vacation", so it can cleanse itself out and invite in clarity, focus, energy, and happiness.

One of the best ways I have found is to give your body a vacation is to FAST. Yes, FAST. I know it may sound scary, but people have been doing this for thousands of years, animals do it in nature all the time when they are sick or need to conserve energy. This is NOT a new concept.

Fasting allows us to do these things:

  1. Rest the digestive system 
  2. Allow for cleansing, detoxification and healing of the entire body
  3. Create a break in eating patterns while bringing awareness to them
  4. Promote greater mental clarity and focus
  5. Cleanse and heal "stuck" emotional patterns
  6. Lead to a feeling of physical lightness, increasing energy level
  7. Promote an inner stillness and peace enhancing our spiritual connection by taking our attention inward

How does fasting work?

  •  FASTING FREES UP ENERGY SO HEALING CAN BEGIN : It is estimated that 65% of the body's energy is used for digestion after a large meal.
  • Because fasting initiates the body’s own healing mechanisms, any ailment can show improvement.

  • Allergies, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, digestive issues, skin conditions, cardiovascular disease, asthma, and fibromyalgia can be helped. 

Sooooo, who wants to drink water and eat no food for days on end?!?! HAHAHAAAAA Not me! 

So this is where JUICE FASTING comes in. Commonly called Juice Cleansing or Juice Detoxing, this has become quite popular for good reason. You feel AWESOME afterward!  When you do a Juice Detox, you are actually fasting except for the juice you are ingesting. a TRUE Juice Detox entails only juices and lots of water. ! Juicing provides all the same vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients as eating whole fruits and vegetables. Because your body does not have to use 65% of it's energy for your digestion, it has all of that energy to go toward healing and other body processes. Juices are pre-digested so the minerals and vitamins simply go straight through the stomach to the small intestine for absorption. That is why you feel a surge of energy after drinking a juice on an empty stomach! That is how we should feel ALL the time! During a juice detox one of the other things that happens is that your body actually needs more calories, so it uses your stored energy - um, your excess FAT, to get that! You will get plenty of protein if you are juicing organic, high quality green juices during the day as well, which is a common concern for many. Wheat grass especially and any dark green juices are packed with protein. Your body also scavenges any old, decrepit, abnormal (precancerous) cells which we all have, at all times, in our bodies. It literally sweeps your body clean of any cells that are no longer needed to help your body perform at it's optimal level of health. Juice Detoxing is truly miraculous! 

So, if your body needs a little rest, do a Juice Detox. I PROMISE, you will be so happy that you did! 

That being said, I have very Exciting News!

 I have partnered with the hippest new juice company in NYC #Foxygreens to lead a 7 (or 9) day whole body detox!!!

Check out their site HERE !

 This is incredible because you not only be drinking the BEST, most nutrient-dense juices on the planet during this cleanse, but you will get full guidance and support bookending your 3-5 day juice cleanse!

 As a pharmacist of 18 years and a holistic health expert, I believe it is very important to start and finish a cleanse in the right way.

I also know from my own experience and from privately guiding my clients on juice detoxes that without the proper support, you will almost always fail. I can't tell you how many times I have started and stopped a juice fast because I was "starving" or the food smelled "so good" or I was a little "dizzy" or I "just couldn't do it"...(the list goes on). So I developed this much-needed class. I have also met countless people and clients that were simply afraid to do a juice detox because they hadn't done one before or they were afraid of what the side effects would be or that they "could never do that" because "it would be too hard", etc. Well, if that sounds like you, then this class is made for you! With the support you need, expertise, answers to all of your personal questions, and tons of education to do your cleanse properly (even recipes for before and after), there is waaaayyy more room for success! In fact, you may like the way you feel so much afterward, that you keep some of your new habits you developed the week before the cleanse.

The prices are right as there is a HUGE special going on now and the investment is UBER minimal because I want EVERYONE to experience the PUREST most VIBRANT HEALTH. I so strongly believe in juice detoxes.  I have been doing them for around 12 years now, and there is nothing that makes me feel better. There is countless evidence supporting juice detoxes (fasts as they are also called and have been called for many years) and how they support our bodies. Animals naturally fast during times of stress or illness in the wild, and humans  have been fasting for hundreds of years. In fact sometimes when we are sick, we do not have appetites. Why? Our bodies want to use that energy normally put into digestion toward our immune systems and healing us! 

 If you are ready to detoxify and energize your body, clear your skin, lose weight, watch your cravings disappear, feel less depressed and irritable, reverse your "dis-ease" or diagnosis, or any unfavorable conditions, AND feel strong and sexy, 

Click HERE to get info now for the class! Just notate JUICE DETOX in the subject line and I will send you all the information!


In Love,