The 5 WORST Foods for your Health

Beyond the obvious culprits like white sugar, artificial chemicals, dyes, and foods our bodies do not recognize because they are so extremely processed and totally removed from their original forms, there are 5 foods that all of us should avoid at all costs. 

Like these aforementioned 'foods', the 5 Worst Foods for your health can contribute to blood sugar spikes and crashes, insulin resistance, cell mutations, cancer, inflammation of all body systems, heart disease, diabetes, acne, asthma, neurological disorders, autoimmune disorders and more. If you do decide to indulge, hopefully you will do so with caution with the new awareness that you will have. 

#1. Doughnuts- This now-trendy treat is also an old time favorite (and one of my favorites as well), but alas, I rarely partake. Sadly, the trans-fats from frying, the sugar laden toppings and fillings, and the bread itself causes severe carb-overload and insulin spikes and crashes. It can also result in breakouts, irritable mood, poor sleep, hormonal imbalance, cancers, candida overgrowth, and the list goes on.  Instead of a doughnut,  have a multigrain english muffin with fruit spread or opt for a mini version : the doughnut hole!

#2. Soda- Filled with caffeine, SUGAR and phosphoric acid and packed with calories, this is the #1 food that causes weight gain.... and FAST. You may as well drink 20 packets of sugar and welcome in your anxiety, diabetes, obesity, early onset dementia, and tooth decay to boot. On the bright side, if you choose to cut this out of your diet, you can drop some pounds without even trying and greatly improve your health. Do not opt for Diet soda, as it is worse for you with added artificial sweeteners like Aspartame, which is a neurotoxin. Instead: Go for water with lemon and orange slices with turmeric and stevia OR water with cucumber, mint and lime. ZERO Cal, no 'side effects' , refreshing, and delish!

#3. Dairy- One of the most inflammatory foods out there, (sorry cheese, milk, half n half, yogurt, and ice-cream lovers!) dairy actually leaches calcium from your body, not adds to it. Because it causes so much acidity and inflammation, your body has to find MINERALS keep the blood and tissues at a more alkaline pH. Unless you are a super-juicer (which I HIGHLY recommend), your body will have no choice to scavenge elsewhere for them. Our food supply is so low in minerals, and the largest source of minerals in our bodies is abundant where? You got it- Our bones. Hello arthritis, candida, autoimmune issues, and acne.  Instead: Try almond milk. It comes in regular and vanilla flavors and is higher in Calcium than cow's milk. It does not inflame the body  but alkalizes it instead.

#4. Bacon- This may be the food I miss the most. Since cutting out meats 10 years ago, I still delight in the smell of this tasty treat. Truth be told, I don't eat this because of the animals (make sure to buy from happy, hormone free, well-treated piggies!), but there are health reasons as well. Pork is the most acid-forming meat out there, and bacon in particular wreaks havoc on your body with the sodium nitrites and nitrates used as preservatives. Not to mention the sky-high sodium content. So, if you must, stick to bacon crumbles or try some {happy} turkey bacon instead. Processed meats in general are pretty bad for your health, so stick to fresher meats when you can.

#5. Foods on shelves- Ha. I know this one is very general, but anything on the shelf has been engineered to stay on the shelf, well, as long as possible! If it were up to the manufacturers, the shelf-life would be they can make more money!  It's a business, but I'm in business to share the truth, and the truth is, these trans-fats are deadly and I believe to be the cause of most of our disease today. We are in such a hurry for everything that we buy boxed foods to save time. In actuality, we are shortening our lives. Our bodies cannot process these trans-fats properly and this leads to cancer, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, migraines, autoimmune, yeast, and much MUCH more! All packaged foods, frozen meals, ice creams, and margarine are to be watched. As a rule, if you can't pronounce or know what an ingredient is in the box, DON'T PUT IT IN YOUR BODY! Instead: stick to the outer aisles of the supermarket choosing whole fresh foods only,  and do what I like to call "shop like an Italian". That's shopping every couple of days for your food to ensure freshness and vitality of the food so you can feel amazing and look great! My favorite (unpackaged) snack is so inexpensive and easy - buy ORGANIC unpopped popcorn (NOT the microwaveable kind- that is horrible for your body), but the kernels. It has to be organic because 90% or more of our corn grown in the US is Genetically Modified (GMO), and corn is in everything practically. So, take the popcorn, air pop it or put it in a pan with a teaspoon of grape seed oil and make a batch. YUM!

There are other foods of course i wanted to add so here are a few: anything fried, potato chips, bagels, artificial sweeteners as an additive, and fast and foods. 

For this week, if you can choose one of the 5 above to eliminate and add in a substitute, that is what I would recommend. Baby steps work best, and I wish you happy and healthy 2015!

Leave your comments below, I'd love to hear what you tried!