The Oil that Changed my Life + a Few more Secrets...

It is getting cold and dry outside, and inside of my place, and my skin and hair are showing it. In fact many times at the change of seasons people can break out or have certain autoimmune disorders flare up. Well, I have many secrets to combat these change of season blues, but one is a stand out to the rest!

First, I have to share a few of my other secrets to beautiful, healthy skin, hair, and body in general during the colder and dryer winter months. Wherever you live this is applicable, but if you live n the more northern parts of the world, you will really want to listen up. 

 The first two are obvious: Drink enough water and get enough sleep! However, many people somehow forget about these during the winter because the sun isn't out as much and it's colder. Make sure to hydrate properly with WATER. Not soda (which can dehydrate you because of the sugars and chemicals and cause your body to become highly acidic) and not juice (lots of sugar) and not coffee or caffeinated teas. All of these cause you to be more thirsty, immediately. If we are not properly hydrated, our bodies cannot function properly to clear out toxins and waste products. It cannot get all the nutrients into our cells as well. Rest also aids in the repair of tissue, so that's why it's so important. 

 The next one is this: use a humidifier in your home. This helps tremendously in the maintenance of moisture in our bodies. The air we breathe and the air on our skin and hair. It's good for us and more comfortable.

 Now.... the OIL that changed my life: Coconut OIL! This is a miracle from God, if you ask me. This oil is so versatile and can be used internally and externally. It is safe and highly effective; not to mention, it smells incredible and it immediately takes me to the islands....:)

 Coconut Oil can be used as a hair conditioner (put on BEFORE you wash, then wash normally) which will make your hair feel like silk!!! I've never tried anything better. EVER.  I use it on my skin daily. It is from a tree, so it does not clog pores. It soaks into your body and face quickly. I apply it after a shower and what does not soak in within a few minutes, I gently pat off with a towel. Do be careful if you are wearing silks as it can stain. (I use jojoba oil or lotion instead then).

 Coconut Oil can also be used as an alternate to butter or any cooking oil. In fact, Olive oil should never be heated as it changes structure and becomes toxic to the body at high heat. Coconut oil does not. I use it also on my sweet potatoes with cinnamon. Sooooo delish! I love to use it as well in smoothies or take by the teaspoonful alone. It has many healthy fats and also kills candida (a type of yeast/fungus in our bodies of which 80% of the population has an overgrowth) by lysing (breaking open) it's cell walls. 

 So stock up on some of this magical oil for the holidays for yourself and fantasize about that tropical place until the warm weather hits again.......

 Until next time...