So... Who are you REALLY?

So..... who are you REALLY? This is a question we rarely ask ourselves or others, and it is OH so important! Think of all the time we spend planning vacations, weddings and even cleaning our homes. BUT, do you ever spend time planning who you are or who you want to become? If you are like most of us running around from work to family to social events, the answer is no. Well, lucky you, now is your chance to dig in!

What is important to you? 

What do you love to do?

What do you hate to do?

What are your core qualities?

Take 5 minutes and answer these NOW. THIS is an investment in yourself. 

*Are you spending time on what's important to you? Family? Friends? Work? Your Lover? Your Dog? Good healthy food? Travel? How much time are you spending in these areas?

*What are the things you LOVE to do? Are you doing them?? Or perhaps you are neglecting yourself and the things you love to do- they have been put on the back burner until "later". Well, all we have is the present, right now, right here.  

*Is there anything on your "hate to do " list that you can farm out to someone else in your household or to an assistant or helper of some other type? Some people hate to work with numbers, others hate to clean the floors. 

*Digging deeper: what are your core qualities? These are qualities that are inherent or that you highly value,  and when fully expressed or felt, make you feel alive and in alignment with WHO YOU REALLY ARE. Try to choose 3-5 that speak most loudly to you.  For example, mine are love, connection, joy, harmony, and calm.

Finally, after you have taken some time to think on this, what are 1-2 BABY STEPS you can take this week to express who you REALLY are this week?

I challenge you to take action and notice how you feel afterward. Hopefully powerful, fulfilled and happy! I'm looking into dance classes. Yahhhh!!!!

Have a beautiful week, and I look forward to hearing how this impacts you personally.